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How inventory management works in FieldWeb?

FieldWeb's inventory management simplifies the complex task of tracking and managing inventory for field service businesses. Through the intuitive dashboard, users can easily view available stock levels and track issued & used inventory by the fieldworkers on the field. The system allows for seamless integration with estimation and invoicing processes, ensuring accurate billing and inventory reconciliation. With real-time updates and notifications, users can efficiently manage inventory across multiple locations, reducing costs and optimizing resource allocation. FieldWeb's inventory management empowers businesses to maintain optimal inventory levels, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional service to customers.

Available Quantity

Real-Time Inventory Updates: Stay Informed about Available Stock

FieldWeb's inventory management feature ensures you're always up-to-date with the current quantity of each item in your inventory. Our system provides real-time updates on available stock, allowing you to proactively manage your inventory, avoid shortages, and set efficient reorder thresholds.

With this level of visibility, you can streamline your inventory processes and ensure you're never caught off guard by stock shortages.

Assigned Quantity

Efficient Item Allocation Made Simple

FieldWeb's inventory management feature empowers you to seamlessly allocate items from your inventory to specific jobs or field team members. Keep precise records of items currently assigned, ensuring accurate job planning and resource allocation. With FieldWeb, you can effortlessly manage your inventory, optimize resource allocation, and maintain a transparent overview of item assignments for each task.

Used Items on Each Job

Enhanced Visibility into Job Material Usage

With FieldWeb's inventory management feature, you can effortlessly track and record the items used for each job or task. This level of detail provides valuable insights into material consumption, allowing you to maintain accurate records and assess job costs more effectively. FieldWeb ensures that you have a comprehensive overview of the items employed in each task, facilitating better resource planning and cost management.

Returned Items

Effortless Management of Returned Items

FieldWeb simplifies the process of recording and managing returned items with its intuitive inventory management feature. If items remain unused or are returned after a job, FieldWeb enables you to efficiently update your inventory records. This functionality ensures that your stock levels remain accurate and discrepancies are minimized.

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management software is a pivotal tool for businesses, aiding in the efficient supervision and control of their stock. This software simplifies the intricate tasks of tracking product quantities, managing stock movements, and optimizing inventory levels. Businesses rely on it to ensure they have the right products on hand at the right time, preventing shortages or overstock situations.

For your Business:
  • By assigning items to specific tasks, you can ensure that the right materials are available when needed.
  • With FieldWeb's Inventory Management feature, businesses can maintain real-time visibility into stock levels.
  • FieldWeb's tracking of item usage, assignments, and returns empowers your business to make data-driven decisions.
For your Customer:
  • With optimized resource allocation and accurate stock levels, you can provide fast and quality service.
  • By using inventory management, you can provide customers with accurate information about product availability & delivery.
  • When customers receive the correct items in a timely manner, it reduces the likelihood of returns or disputes.

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I switched to FieldWeb

FieldWeb has transformed the way we manage our RO and water purifier service business. With their intuitive app, we can track service requests, assign them to our technicians, and keep our customers informed every step of the way. It's improved our efficiency and customer satisfaction immensely.

Owner of Splash Systems

Mr. Mohit Sapra

As a printing business owner, staying organized and meeting deadlines is crucial. FieldWeb has been a game-changer for us. We now have a clear view of our orders, can schedule print jobs efficiently, and even send real-time updates to our clients. It's made managing our printing services a breeze.

Owner of Image India

Mr. Prasad Kalindi

FieldWeb has been instrumental in the growth of our HVAC business. With their technician tracking and job management tools, we can ensure our team is where they need to be when they need to be there. Our customers appreciate the improved response times and professionalism, which has led to increased trust and more referrals.

General Manager DSI

Mr. Abdul

FieldWeb has given our pest control business an edge in a competitive market. Their software helps us efficiently schedule appointments, track treatments, and send service reports to clients in real time. It's increased our customer retention and helped us expand our reach.

General Manager Al-lord pest contorl

Mr. Ahmed

Managing maintenance for lifts and elevators can be complex, but FieldWeb has simplified it. Their platform helps us schedule routine maintenance, track technician performance, and send service reports to building managers instantly. Our clients trust us to keep their elevators running smoothly, and FieldWeb has been a critical part of that trust.

Owner Oscar Plus Elevators

Mr. Gautam

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