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How lead management works in FieldWeb?

In FieldWeb, lead management is a seamless process designed to efficiently handle potential customers and convert them into paying clients. When a new lead is generated, whether through website inquiries, phone calls, customer app or other channels, it is entered into the FieldWeb system. The platform organizes and prioritizes leads based on various criteria such as location, service requested, and urgency. Through comprehensive lead tracking and analytics, businesses can monitor the progress of leads, identify potential opportunities, and make informed decisions to maximize conversions.

Lead Capture

Seize Every Opportunity: Streamline Lead Capture with FieldWeb

Never let a valuable lead slip through the cracks. FieldWeb's Lead Management feature allows you to effortlessly gather lead information from multiple touchpoints, be it your website forms, customer calls, or face-to-face interactions. With this comprehensive system in place, you can ensure that every potential lead is not only noticed but also properly recorded and managed.

Lead Assignment

Effortless Lead Assignment: Accelerate Your Sales Process with FieldWeb

FieldWeb's Lead Assignment feature streamlines the process of assigning incoming leads to the right team members. By streamlining this vital step in your sales process, you can enhance efficiency, increase conversion rates, and ultimately grow your business.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a more organized and effective lead management system with FieldWeb.

Follow-Up Reminders

Never Miss a Lead with FieldWeb's Follow-Up Reminders

FieldWeb understands the value of timely lead nurturing in converting prospects into loyal customers. With our Follow-Up Reminders feature, you can set automated reminders for your team to stay in touch with leads through calls, emails, or meetings.

This ensures that no potential opportunity slips through the cracks, and your leads are consistently engaged and informed.

Lead Statuses

Simplify Lead Tracking with FieldWeb's Intuitive System

FieldWeb's lead management goes beyond just capturing and assigning leads; it provides a comprehensive solution to organize and track them efficiently. With our Lead Statuses feature, you can categorize leads based on their position in the sales journey – from "New" prospects to "Closed-Won" customers. This system streamlines lead prioritization, allowing your team to tailor communication strategies accordingly.

What is Lead Management Software?

Lead management software is a pivotal tool for modern businesses aiming to streamline their customer acquisition process. At its core, this software is designed to efficiently capture, organize, and nurture potential leads or prospects throughout the sales journey. It plays a significant role in transforming inquiries into loyal customers. Here are five key aspects that define lead management software

For your Business:
  • It helps them to centralize all of their business leads at one place, to streamline the lead assignment and conversion.
  • It provide valuable insights into lead performance which allows them to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Centralising leads helps to change the lead statuses, assigned tasks to the workers in real time and categorise the leads.
For your Customer:
  • FieldWeb's Lead management feature ensures that customer inquiries are promptly attended to, enhancing their experience.
  • By tracking the progress of each lead, your business can provide more personalized and relevant communication to customers
  • It also facilitates transparent communication by allowing customers to track the status of their inquiries or service requests.


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FieldWeb has transformed the way we manage our RO and water purifier service business. With their intuitive app, we can track service requests, assign them to our technicians, and keep our customers informed every step of the way. It's improved our efficiency and customer satisfaction immensely.

Owner of Splash Systems

Mr. Mohit Sapra

As a printing business owner, staying organized and meeting deadlines is crucial. FieldWeb has been a game-changer for us. We now have a clear view of our orders, can schedule print jobs efficiently, and even send real-time updates to our clients. It's made managing our printing services a breeze.

Owner of Image India

Mr. Prasad Kalindi

FieldWeb has been instrumental in the growth of our HVAC business. With their technician tracking and job management tools, we can ensure our team is where they need to be when they need to be there. Our customers appreciate the improved response times and professionalism, which has led to increased trust and more referrals.

General Manager DSI

Mr. Abdul

FieldWeb has given our pest control business an edge in a competitive market. Their software helps us efficiently schedule appointments, track treatments, and send service reports to clients in real time. It's increased our customer retention and helped us expand our reach.

General Manager Al-lord pest contorl

Mr. Ahmed

Managing maintenance for lifts and elevators can be complex, but FieldWeb has simplified it. Their platform helps us schedule routine maintenance, track technician performance, and send service reports to building managers instantly. Our clients trust us to keep their elevators running smoothly, and FieldWeb has been a critical part of that trust.

Owner Oscar Plus Elevators

Mr. Gautam

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